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My View

Saturday, 18 May 2013


Not posted for a while. Busy time on the work and domestic front. I have still been able to fulfil my gaming commitments and go to the cinema though, just not had time to catch up.

As far as films go, on the Mayday holiday weekend, I caught another two films apart from We Are Northern Lights. Brief reviews only as these are out of the Cinema now.

The Place Beyond The Pines was a film I didn't think I would get round to seeing in the cinema. It follows the story of two generations of two families and how one event connects them. No detailed review here, it will be worth a watch on DVD, but I thought it was about 20 minutes too long.

Dead Man Down sees Colin Farrell and Noomi Rapace in revenge thriller with a difference. I had seen Farrell in London Boulevard on TV the night before so was in the mood for a good thriller. I was not disappointed!  Hidden identities, car chases, playing both sides against the middle are all here in an at times bloody film.

Took 1000 pts of Necrons to my Wednesday games group on the 8th, but we ended up chatting and playing Cthulu Fluxx about 8 times instead.

The Thursday group was more productive on the 9th though. We had a Fubar game to allow Rick to try out rules for IEDs and artillery. I forgot my camera, so have to rely on Ricks AAR on the Forge of War forum .

My next post will cover my trip to Carronade 2013 at Falkirk.

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