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My View

Friday, 24 May 2013

Taking Stock!

As always after attending a wargames show, I like to take stock and decide where I am gaming wise. This time, I did not fall in to the 'oh shiny!' trap and get sucked into a new period or set of rules, in fact for the first time I can remember, I did not buy any rules, supplements or books at a show!

Before Carronade, I had made a list of planned purchases, with a list of three or four alternatives. I managed to stick to that. The one unplanned purchase, as mentioned in a previous post was from the flea market:

                                                     VBCW vehicles and figures.

Most of these are Musketeer Miniatures. I already had some of their figures, but not in a game ready state. I now have a core of figures ready to game with and I don't need to spend any more money on this period.

I am now focusing on getting games played. I have decided that I will not be painting any more ancient and Napoleonic 15mm figures. My aged eyes are not up to it, and I am enjoying playing games with 28mm figures at the moment.

The Wednesday group game on 15 May saw my Necrons take on David's Tau. We did the capture and control mission with spearhead deployment. We use 40K 5th edition, 1000pts. My Necrons got off to a wonderful start, destroying three units for the loss of one. The Tau struck back, and when the game ended, it was declared a very bloody draw. I forgot my camera, so no pictures.

Thursday 16 May saw a last minute change of plan. Aidan was working late so it was not practical for him to host. I hosted and put on the Operation Cherry Blossom scenario from Combat Commander Pacific.

This is a great game from GMT. Think a combination of Squad Leader with Piquet's card driven system and you have an idea of the game. Rick took the role of the invading US Marines and Aidan the stolid Japanese. By the time Aidan conceded, it looked more likely that the US were going to triumph. We will play the scenario again sometime.

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