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My View

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Pacific Rim.

I had been looking forward to this film since seeing the teaser trailers months ago. I took the opportunity to see it in 3D today.

The film sees Earth threatened, not by invaders from outer space, but by large monsters that emerge at regular intervals from an undersea fault. All the nations come together to build large Mecha to take on these monsters.

This is a film inspired by the 1950s films of Ishiro Honda and Ray Harryhausen, as evidenced by the post credit tribute. An action film, with state of the art effects and the obvious influence of Del Torro. There are lulls for the setting up of the plot, and from my perspective, these spoilt the flow of the film. Despite this, it is an enjoyable film, although I am not sure you really need to see it in 3D.

The combat scenes are spectacular.

Giant monsters, Giant Mecha, a Del Torro film, What's not to like!

There are no post credit sequences, although there is a short sequence with Ron Pearlman just after the executive producer credits, before the cast credits.

Battletech and Mechwarrior players will be inspired. As I have moved mine on, I'll have to get out the MonsterPocalypse!

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