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Sunday, 7 July 2013

Treading Water. TGFT!

Despite having a good week on the work and social emotional level, life is so busy that I feel like I am treading water. Weeks are passing too quickly. Thank goodness for Thursday, and the escape of gaming!

The last Thursday game was at Aidan's. To showcase his 28mm KV2, he had chosen a variation on the 'Top secret' scenario. A KV2 had broken down during trials in Manchuria. The objective was to rescue vital parts. The Russians, so they could get the tank back in action and the Japanese, to pass the info on to their German allies.

We managed to play this scenario twice in the evening. I took the Russians, Rick the Japanese. The forces were two squads plus support elements each.

As forces were deployed as if from reserve, the Japanese were lucky with their rolls and got most of their units on. The Russians managed to get one section and a couple of support units on. Both sides ran units to try and get to the cover round about the bridge. The sides met at the house beside the bridge.

The Russian ATR team spot a nasty surprise in the shape of a Chi-Ha!

A few good die rolls in the second turn meant that the second Russian squad (of naval troops) managed to get into the line just as the first japanese squad assaulted. They were wiped out, but the Russian observer was cut down by the Katana wielding Japanese officer.

The second Japanese squad charged in against the Naval troops and were also wiped out. This allowed the Russians to win the first game.

The second game was similar in that both sides raced for the cover in the middle. The close combat was replaced by keen firefights. The Russians managed to get to the tank, but were shot off it. The Chi-Ha came forward to clear the house by the river. Japanese win.

This is only our second and third tilts at Bolt Action! Most of the mechanisms are similar to FUBAR, but not all. This may have caused a bit of confusion in the first game, particularly around close combat. Despite the problems, these seem set to become the rules we use for 28mm WW2.



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