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My View

Monday, 6 October 2014


A bit of a change this week. My normal Wednesday gaming group was cancelled because David had visitors. Rick was unavailable for our normal Thursday game, so we moved to Wednesday.
To make up for the lack of preparation time, Rick went for DBA 2.2, which we had not played for a while, although we have had a few games of Hodes of The Things, in the recent past.
It also gave us a chance to dust off our 15mm armies, which we also use for Commands & Colors.
The first battle was my Norse Irish against Rick's Later Saxons.  
The armies arrayed. Seen from behind my Norse Irish, Rick has gone for a concentrated smaller front.

The Saxons move quickly forward. Norse Irish light forces.

Saxon light horse destroy a unit of Norse Irish psiloi.
The light horse face a unit of auxila.

The armies close.

First clash. Rick lines up the units for combat. The Saxon hordes are still behind the battle line. The Norse Irish nobles are held in reserve.

The battle lines clash. The lighter auxila are pushed back, but destroy a saxon unit.

The heavier Saxon forces start to take toll on the auxila.

The marauding light horse dispatch a unit of auxila, my fourth loss, to give the Saxons the victory.

The second battle was my Hindu Indian taking on Rick's Sung Chinese.

The armies arrayed.

My psiloi, cavalry and bows rush for the hill 

A unit of my psiloi is destroyed after a foolhardy attack on bows.

My bows act as a screen for and attempt to shoot in an attack by my Elephants.

One of my bows is lost in a duel with the Chinese artillery and crossbows.
The combat on the hill intensifies.
In the cavalry battle, a unit of Indian cavalry is destroyed.

A general view of the battlefield.
The elephants are almost in action on the left flank..

In the battle on the hill, a unit of Indian bows is destroyed by Chinese spears. Victory to Rick's Chinese
Both games were close and tense. We managed to get both games played in little over two hours. It was a fine change of pace and very quick to set up and put away.
Some food for thought, methinks!



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