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My View

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

SKELP! 2014.

On Saturday, 18 October, I made the annual trip to Forfar for Skelp! 2014.
                                               Above are some general views of the hall.

Kirriemuir Wargames Club put on a display game showing a clash between Thracians and a Macedonian force sent to extract tribute.

Shades of the old 'Caesars Gate' playset by Airfix!

 This demonstration game, by The Iron Brigade, shows a Caledone attack against a Roman fort.

Glasgow Games Group: Warzone participation.
RAF Leuchars Veterans: Operation Chastise, participation game. A successful attack on the dam!

The successful crew get their wings from Jed.

 Falkirk And District Wargames Club put on a display game of  a Viking raid using SAGA rules.

 The Geek Room ran a demo game of X-Wing in the morning and a participation game in the afternoon.

Dropzone Commander demo game.

Chain of Command demo game by Too Fat Lardies. 
I was down with David Drage and his son. After dropping off our stuff for the bring and buy and the painting competition  we did the usual tour of the traders. Crooked Dice were the first stop. As well as planned buying, we got a glimpse of their latest licence. More after Targe! After doing the rounds of Dave Thomas, Highlander Games and Colonel Bills, we had our first go at the Leuchars Veterans participation game, which had as it's theme the Dambusters raid. I will cover our attempts in a separate post.

The bring and buy was disappointing; there was not a great selection of offerings to start off with, and not much new throughout the day. Having said that, I sold all that I had put up for sale.

Skelp! is a small show, and we normally do not stay more than four hours. As David had entered the painting competitions, we waited for the results and also the raffle. This was productive. David won a trophy and came second in another category. i will cover this in another post.

For once, I did not buy anything from the bring and buy, but I did manage to bag a bargain from one of the traders, who was selling some painted  28mm figures.

Another enjoyable day out. Only 18 days to Targe!


  1. I notice that my son and I managed to seek in to your first photo too...