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My View

Monday, 27 October 2014


At the model railway exibition at Aberdeen, recently, Aberdeen Wargames Club put on a display game using Bolt Action rules.

The game concerned the liberation of the town of Nouvilon. Near the town, there is a POW camp for British Airmen.

A view of the POW camp.
A force of commandos and paratroopers were sent in advance of the main force to protect or release the POWs. They could expect help from the local resistants, but would be opposed by a force supported by 'een little tank', according to intelligence.
German HQ: General Von Klinkerhoffen and Herr Flick of the Gestapo look on.
The German defences come under fire. Who's cafe is that in the square?

Cafe owner, resistants, French Policeman. Not having a 'Good Moaning'!

Cmmandos moving through the churchyard. 

 A view of the scratchbuilt terrain.
 Another view of the church. It had internal electrics that illiminated the windows, sadly not visible in the photo.
I did not see the game through to a conclusion. I left when the paratroopers had just arrived. Lieutenant Gruber later told me that the Germans were defeated, but not before they had caused heavy casualties to the paratroopers.
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