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My View

Friday, 24 October 2014


Our most recent game of In Her Majesty's Name saw David's Prussians taking on Del's Star Theatre Players.  
 The scenario was 'Stop the Pigeon'. Having played this scenario before, I know it can be tricky chasing down the randomly moving pigeon to recover the message. The scene was ' Cathedral' so David came up with terrain representing a ruined place of worship.
 The pigeon didn't move far from it's starting position, finding some succulent bugs in the temple. Meanwhile both factions converged on it.
 The Prussians set about things in their usual, efficient way. Using a grenade launcher to fire poison gas at the poor bird (and anything else that got in the way!). The pigeon expired and was collected by a Prussian wearing a primitive gas mask.
 The Star Theatre will be short of two stage hands following another well aimed gas grenade.
 An overview of the contested area. Showing off David's own design gas grenade burst markers, complete with a counter to mark the durstion of the cloud.
 The early design gas mask was going to need some more work on it: the pigeon collector had been affected.
 The Prusian medic rushed to his assistance. The Players moved round to try to cut off the line of escape. Good use of the 'Mesmerism' talent allowed them to fight off a Prussian attempt to stop this move.
 The pigeon, with the all important message, was now making it's way to the Prussian lines in the firm grasp of the Prussian Medic.
Two further gas grenades, this time thrown, ended any attempt to stop the pigeon leaving the table.

Another interesting and entertaining game. The gas grenades had a significant effect on the outcome of this game. They are effective, but at 7 pts each, can be expensive as 4 or 5 can be equivalent to a character. David had 8 in total. 4 out of 6 used hit their target. The use of gas masks is not foolproof, but does increase the odds of surviving. I think that they may now become standard police issue!


  1. More than a little terrifying, well done.

    1. Even scarier being on the other end! Rebreathers are now standard issue at Scotland Yard!