My View

My View

Friday, 24 October 2014


My Scotland Yard company took on Del's Star Theatre Players. 
The scenario was 'King of the Hill'. The 'hill' in this case was a great looking house, intended for Morheim, that David had put together.
           My coppers make their way onto the table. Where is the Great Detective?

                                    The Players make their way towards the target.
 The Good Doctor and a Special Branch plod make it into the building and head for the attic.
                  One of the Players attacks and disrupts the copper's supporting units.
  A view of the combat in the house.
 Most of the coppers had gone round the back of the building to come in the back door, so that allowed the Players to concentrate their forces, The Good Doctor fell early. One by one the other coppers were picked off.
After losing all but three of my coppers, and only taking down two Stage Hands, I conceded, as Del was well ahead on VPs.

Even though I lost this game, it was enjoyable. Our nrrative style of gaming helps to create atmosphere. One thing I should mention: the Great Detective was involved in the game. He has aquired the Master Of Disguise talent and was one of my Special Branch plods. He did not get an opportunity to reveal himself (ooh, er, missus!) to his advantage.

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