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Thursday, 23 October 2014


No game this Thursday as I was at a funeral.
Last week, thanks to upheaval caused by BT trying to sort out a phone fault (now fixed!), I went with a game with an easy set up. This is a blast from the past: Eagles, the Napoleonic card game by Columbia Games (similar to the Dixie series). 
For the first game, we tried the Quatre Bras scenario. Rick's French won this game quickly. We then changed sides. Rick's British won so quickly that I had no time for a photo!

The second scenario was Ligny. These are the initial deployments.

The early game was defined by artillery duels.

The Prussians attack.

The French fight back.

A final attack overwhelms the French flank. Victory came soon after this photo was taken.
 The first couple of games went so quickly that we thought we were playing the game wrong: it didn't have the back and forth and didn't last as long as we remembered. The third game played like the games that we remembered from back in the day. It lasted for an hour.

A good game that is a useful standby for a short notice game.

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