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My View

Friday, 25 October 2013


This Wednesday's game was the latest battle in our Songs of Blades and Heroes campaign. Having lost my first game in the campaign reboot, I desperately needed a win against Del's Dirz.

                             My orcs are closest to the camera, Dirz arrayed in the distance.
The scenario was 'Breakthrough' and the terrain was open plain. Del was the attacker. He had to get figures off my side of the board to score points, I got points for killing his figures.

Knowing that the scenario was effectively a game of 'British Bulldog' I deployed with three grunts in a line to allow group activations. The other grunt, my mage and archer were within leadership radius of my boss, who was going to be more of a quarterback than getting involved in combat. My Ogre was going to be a sweeper, thanks to his fast speed.

The battle started with some effective archery from a group activation by Del, which killed my mage.

It soon degenerated into a confused melee.


In the battle, I lost another grunt, but killed three Dirz. For once, the orcs stayed on their feet, only suffering pushbacks. Sadly for the Dirz, they were not so lucky and lost figures who had been knocked down and so easier to hit.
The final blow came when my Ogre swatted the Dirz leader, causing a gruesome kill (winner's score three times losers dice roll), denoted by the orange sploosh marker, which meant that the other Dirz had to take a morale test. This effectively ended the game. The Dirz were allowed to disengage.
In the post battle clean up, the dead grunt stayed dead, but my mage will be ready for my next battle.
The battle took place on a plain and I was defending a breakthrough. The territory was just outside the borders of my stronghold of Grandbund Crags. Whilst exploring, the warband came across an Alehouse. This will provide 5 gold per turn, if they can be kept out of it! 
Now that I have a property, it allows the other players to stage a raid into my territory, if they win initiative.
I think I may be getting my head around how to use the orcs. Time will tell!

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