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My View

Friday, 4 October 2013


For our Thursday game this week, we decided to give the first scenario of Timber Peak another go.
Aidan is in the middle of a 14 week course on putting people to sleep. He was studying, so it was just Rick and me. Rick took control of the zombies and I took the four Heroes.

The scenario was simple: Zombies kill 4 heroes or get 4 zombie upgrades (3 wounds on heroes for each upgrade), The heroes needed to get 6 upgrades (3 wounds on zombies for each heroes' first upgrade. 4 for the second and 5 for the third). The zombies also win if the sun goes down (after 12 turns).
The initial board set up with the four starting heroes. Note the cheese nibbles that I was hoping would lure the Zombies!
 All the heroes were able to start from their designated places. To get the required number of upgrades required me to kill loads of zombies. My strategy was to try to get the heroes together as fast as possible and try to have one or two searching to get items to better kill zombies.

A series of poor  combat rolls (only one kill in melee!) plus great use of card combinations from Rick meant that the zombies managed to get to 4 upgrades, I lost three heroes and only managed to get two upgrades. Not a successful night, but a very enjoyable game!


Mid game. The hero nearest the camera isn't! He hs become a zombie hero thanks to the combination of an 'infected' card and a rollof '1' following a wound, which resuled in another, fatal, wound.
Apologies for the lack of photos, but I was rather absorbed by the game.

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