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My View

Thursday, 10 October 2013


This Wednesday's game was a continuation of the Song of Blades and Heroes campaign. My orcs were taking on David's Dark Elves. My force consisted of eight figures, five of which were basic grunts. Recent defeats have not been kind to my warband's fortunes!

The scenario was a standard battle 'take the ground' and involved the capturing of three objectives; one in each other's territory and one in no man's land. David has a fine selection of home made terrain and he set up a river down the middle of the board.

Here is a link to his blog for a report .

The river slowed his characters, exept for his mounted warrior. That one character was enough to win the game. Two gruesome kills made my warband take morale tests which drove most of them off the board.  I lost two grunts killed (the after game checks show they will return after missing one battle).

The orcs are difficult to get going, as they require higher rolls to activate, even when within range of a leader. They have few beefy special characters. The fact they are constantly losing, increases the quality gap, although the underdog rule means that they benefit financially, allowing replacements to be bought to replace casualties.

I will persevere. New tactics are being worked on as I write!


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