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Saturday, 26 October 2013


This Thursday's game was our first try out using the Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game. The rules engine is exactly the same as Star Trek Attack: Wing, with differences to take account of the different scale of the combatants.

The scenario that Rick devised involved a clash between two X-Wing fighters and three TIE fighters. The TIE fighters are returning from supporting a successful attack on a rebel base that was hidden in an asteroid field.

                                   The two sides spot each other and set intercept courses.

        The two X-Wings separate. One attacks the three TIE fighters, giving and receiving hits.
A slick manouvere puts one of the TIE fighters in a position to damage one X-Wing. The other X-Wing is closing to even the numbers.
               The fight swings in the Rebels' favour. Two TIE fighters take damage.
                                                 The next sweep sees one TIE destroyed.

The remaining fighters jockeyed for favourable firing positions. Both sides caused damage, but the Rebels effectively won by destroying a second TIE fighter. The third was damaged and bugged out. One X-Wing had taken two hits.

This was a balanced game. The TIE fighters did not have shields and relied on their superior agility (3 defence dice). The X-Wings had two shields and agility of 2.

This was a thoroughly enjoyable game. Our familiarity with the system meant more time to try to second guess each other and it also showed how the system coped with more than one vessel a side. This will be useful for planning multi vessel games for Attack Wing.


  1. Looks like a good game of X-Wing.
    While I enjoy both X-Wing and Attack Wing enjoyable I find that X-Wing is the much better balanced of the two games. When i heard that WK was making a game using the X-Wing engine i didn't believe it would work, but they truly managed to give the game enough flavor and feel to be enjoyable.
    Is that a table or a game mat you are playing on?

    1. Sheepish,

      I have only played each game once (well AW twice after tonight: watch this space...) but the mechanisms are familiar from playing Wings of War. I agree that AW is unbalanced if playing straight fights, as one side tends to collapse quickly.
      I hope that will change when we start playing missions.
      We played the X-Wing game on Rick's game mat. The other side is sea for naval games.