My View

My View

Tuesday 29 October 2013


My highlight of the recent Aberdeen Model Railway Club exhibition was the The Museum of Transport display.

This has a bit of everything: Trains, boats and planes. It is a really good way to display all sorts of models in a collection. Here we see a Lancaster as well as buses, with a loco just making it's way into shot. Note the narrow gauge railway with sightseers, two of which travel round the whole layout.

Here we see the port area, complete with balloon. Some of the ships in the dock are different scales, representing larger ships. You can see the canal with only a docked narrowboat.
While I was watching another narrowboat appeared! Presumably driven by a magnet.

                                      General scenes from the layout.

Every wargamer and modeller needs one of these!

      Back at the canal, the narrowboat has turned and is heading back for the tunnel.
Spot the skinny dippers!
                                         This is something special: a working beam engine!
This layout was worth the admission by itself. I spent a good half hour just watching all the movement, and spotting all the little quirks. The operators are openly canvassing for invitations to other shows. If you are lucky enough to be near to one of the shows they attend, take the opportunity to go. My pictures do not do the display justice.

My friend David, has blogged about it and includes moving pictures of the narrowboat.

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  1. This layout was the highlight of the visit for us as well. The boy were fascinated by all the different moving parts and lights etc...