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Sunday, 20 October 2013


Another product of my recent birthday was the acquisition of Star Trek: Attack Wing.

In Aidan's forced absence, we decided to give the game a try. We started off with, more or less, the basic rules and a one on one in the green vacuum of space, with the Enterprise D taking on the I R W Khazara with no captains or upgrades.

The two combatants.

This was a very quick game.Both ships approached head on. Rick used the Khazara's cloak ability to good effect. The extra four defence dice prevented some hits, but , to cloak meant that shields were disabled which meant any hits getting through would cause damage. After two rounds of damage, Khazara turned about, assuming the ship would be out of the Enterprise's arc of fire. However, the Enterprise's special action is a, slightly reduced power, range 1, 360 degree attack. This managed to beat the defence dice and destroy the Khazara.

 For the second game, we decided to use generic ships, but add captains and other upgrades. I took a Galaxy class ship with Captain Riker, rank 6, with Worf and a couple of other upgrades. Rick had a D'Deridex cruiser, with Captain Toreth and some random upgrades, one of which would be   'absoulutely no use in this game'.
This turned out to be one long tail chase, with the D'Deridex chasing the Galaxy. This meant that the Galaxy was almost constantly within the D'Deridex's firing arc and could not hit back, apart from a nifty full astern move and one use of Riker's special action to allow some firing, but no damage. The Galaxy was hit regularly, losing it's shields and taking damage. The last damage points were caused when circumstances allowed Rick to play his 'no use' upgrade.
All in all two enjoyable games, even though one on one games tend to be quick and one sidded. This should not be a problem when we start using the squad building rules.
The rules use the same basic engine as Wings of War/Glory. Rick says the system is almost the same as X-Wing, which he has, so we should get a bit of use from both games.

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