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Saturday, 27 September 2014


Estremis system 2275: Two Constitution class starships along with the Reliant have away teams on Estremis III and IV preparing loads of a rare ore for beaming up. The ore loads are worth 5pts each. losing an away team costs 5pts. To beam up, a ship must be within range 1 of the planet and use an action. 
Their operation is interupted by the arrival of two D7 class cruisers and a K' T' Inga class starship, which I controlled, Rick took the Federation.
Early in the game, the three Federation ships are busy beaming up ore and away teams when the Klingon ships appear.
Reliant fires at a D7, but fails to register a hit.

The Constitution class ships pull a full asterm manouvre to move out of range of the Klingon ships.
The Reliant moves slightly, keeping within orbit of Estremis IV, and getting another shot at the D7, taking out it's shields.
Enterprise manages to defeat the other D7s shields to score two hits. The fire from the D7 does not penetrate Enterprises shields.

General combat is joined.

Constitution takes two hits from photon torpedoes from the K' T' Inga.

The Enterprise moves onto the rear of a D7, scoring a hit!

The new starship Constellation was the distant support for the operation and arrived after six turns. There was a chance that the engines would malfunction, but they didn't.

Constellation scores hits on the K'T'Inga class, which has no shields and can no longer cloak.

The surviving ships of both sides make their way out of the combat zone.
Although, in the end, no ships were destroyed, the Federation met their mission goals, getting all their away teams and most of the ore aboard, thus scoring a decisive victory. Rick generally managed to keep a planet between his ships and the Klingons whilst concentrating on beaming up. Both sides had heavily damaged ships in the end.

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