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My View

Sunday, 28 September 2014


The second post covers military vehicle models.
A BT 7 tank being used against it's former owners.
 The BT-7 is one of my favourite tanks. I think this is down to it being the first 1/300 GHQ model I got. It looks more like a tank than the T-34 IMHO. This model represents a captured example in German service.
KV 2: gunning the the BT 7?
 Another of my favourites: The KV2. More a self propelled gun than a tank, and a magnet for enemy fire to boot!
A selection of military vehicle dioramas.

A diorama and some detailed individual vehicles.

Russian Aerosan. I should have a similar model soon, through the 'Winter War' Kickstarter.
I did have a chat with a couple of the members. I build models, but for gaming, so I don't consider myself a modeller. It is comforting (in a way) that modellers suffer the same problem as us wargamers: lots of unfinished projects. There always seems to be that 'oh shiny' moment that leads to a new project that only gets so far before the next 'oh, shiny, momement. Can you have a plastic mountain?

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