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My View

Saturday, 20 September 2014


A week past Wednesday, rather than our usual games night at David's, we decided to game at the Geek Room's games night, which is held in the function room at the Brig O' Dee Bar.

 David's Secret Service team was taking on Del's Star Theatre Players. The scenario was 'Breakthrough'.

With both teams small, Del took the' attack is the best form of defence stance' and attacked, appart from his hunter, who decided to hold back and pick off any enemy getting past her colleagues with rifle fire.
David unleashed his Ape. This is a fast and deadly creature.
                                      A fierce battle was joined near the edge of the board.
In the end, despite casualties on both sides, David got enough figures off the board to leave Del looking for snookers to win on victory points. One of the characters that escaped had the famed Duquesne Scroll.

An exciting game. The atmosphere of the game was not like one of our normal games. This probably had something to do with being in a club setting. Our games are normally accompanied with a lot of chat and cups of tea. At the Geek Room the game was more focused and flew by.

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