My View

My View

Sunday, 28 September 2014


On Saturday 27 September 2014, I made my third visit to the Aberdeen Modellers Society Exhibition. It is held at The Gordon Highlanders Museum, in Aberdeen I took a number of photos and I will post them over a few, broadly themed, posts.

First off, Here are some pictures of aircraft models and dioramas.

A tribute to a founder member who passed in January, p[resumably with some of the models that he built..

A wider view of the previous picture.

The view along a table crammed with aircraft.

Close up view of 'The Flying Bannana' diorama.

Close up of some of the aircraft in the general view.

Some more models from the general view.

General view of helicopters and some WW1 planes.
Another view of the WW1 planes. Some of these models are made from card and paper.

The Mosquito at the top right of the photo is made of paper!

Some models of German experimental aircraft.

More German Experimental aircraft. Some got into action, some made prototype stage and some did not get off the drawing board.

Close up of the Me 163. 
A view of Spitfires and Hurricanes undergoing maintainance.

Another view of the Battle of Britain diorama.

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