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My View

Sunday, 14 September 2014


A Thursday game from a few months ago. We played a two game mini campaign of Dead Man's Hand. The first scenario was, I think, 'Ambush' 
Two bad guys (left) ambush a good guy. 
Another good guy(left) exits a building straight into a hail of gunfire and is out of the fight.

A third good guy moves towards the bad guy. The second bad guy is sheltering at the corner of the second building on the left (betrayed by his face down card).

Both bad guys are at the top of the street. Accurate fire

A bad guy tries to finish off the closest good guy. His mate manages to shoot accurately and put a second good guy out of the fight. 
Two good guys down. Victory to the bad  guys!

The second scenario was.'There Will Be Blood'
Good guy, right, encounters a bad guy.

In a dastardly and cowardly act, the bad guy plays a card that allows him to take a hostage.

The other good guys muster in support. The bad guys prefer to do their shooting from the cover of buildings.

The marshal manages to cause hits despite the hostage.

Two street level views of the action.

With two good guys down, victory to Rick's bad guys.
The game system is great for fitting into the amount of time you have available for gaming. Two games in completed in under three hours.

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