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Monday, 24 February 2014


Last Thursday, I hosted a game of Sergeants The Miniatures Game This was a birthday present to myself from last year. I have had a couple of games previously and like the concept.
Here is the 30in x 20in mapboard for the first scenario : First contact. One of the two 'landmarks', the crossroads, can be seen. The scenario saw the first clashes between US paras and the German defenders. The forces were based on two named soldiers plus 12 victory points. The Germans had 5 troops plus a few extra grenades. The Paras had four figures and a liberal supply of grenades. The orders cards for each side were drawn at random. The Germans were to enter on turn two and capture or kill all Paras encountered. The Paras had to take the two 'landmarks': the crossroads and the area of scrub.
Here there are no figures on the board. The Germans are not due on til turn two and the Paras did not initially draw a move card to move on to the board. The game is driven by the Story Deck. Each turn is divided into three phases, with a card drawn for each phase. These cards show the two types of actions available for each phase (shoot, move, look & hide) . Players then must play cards of the appropriate type for each phase. If you do not have them, then you have to draw from your action deck till you find one. The action deck is made up of the cards that are unique to and come with the individual soldiers (7 per soldier). These cards allow actions and determine combat results.
These two photos show the Paras in the centre of the table. The Germans have just come on at the left. After the game, I realised that I had misread the order card. I thought I had to hold the landmarks at the end of the game. All I had to do was to spend one turn in the landmarks with no German presence to count the extra VPs. I'll remember next time!
This photo gives an idea of the layout of the cards. On the left, I have just turned over a move card for the first phase of the turn. This particular card allows up to 5 paras to move and the named soldier to act on one of the two options on the story card as a free action. The soldier cards can be seen on the right. They show the individual's capabilities and any special effects they have on aspects of the game. 
The Germans are attacking from the left and top now. This is just after one of the Paras bit the dust after attempting a rash run from cover to cover. The counters show which figures have been spotted and can be fired at.
The Germans manage to get round the back of the paras. A short sharp exchange of fire and a grenade or two and the one remaining para surrenders.
I enjoyed this game, even though I lost. The game has elements of Combat Commander and a miniatures game. Most of the measuring is done using the squares, apart from close range shooting. Although on the board, it looks like it would be easy to see the soldiers, they actually cannot be seen unless they are spotted by looking for them or they fire. It is also possible to take cover again, using the hide action.

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