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Saturday, 1 March 2014


This week's board game was Relic Runners . Inspired by Tobago, this is another explorer/adventurer themed game.
Each player is an explorer and starts from Base Camp, in the centre. They spend rations to explore the ruins and temples. Ruins allow a player to place one of his ten 'familiar trails' on an adjacent trail. Temples have three levels. The colour and level determines the effect or the amount of gold.. 
Movement is one way and a player can move one trail per turn. Movement along 'familiar trails'is free. So building a network of trails is vital. They also play a major part in the later part of the game.
Once a temple or ruins has been totally explored, an artifact is found. Ruins produce Emerald Frogs, temples produce an artifact of the appropriate colour.
To collect artifacts, a player has to move from the site of an artifact to another artifact of the same colour in one move. This makes placement of pathways vital. There are effects that allow you to shift pathways (seen on the purple temple above).
 Once a set number of artifacts have been found (8 for three players). Victory points are scored by collecting gold and artifacts of different colours.
In our game, David managed to win by a fairly wide margin, with Del third.

Monsterpocalypse next week!

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  1. A fun game, that should have a good replayability (if that's a word...).