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My View

Monday, 17 March 2014


A couple of weeks ago, my old friend Neil was back visiting from the UAE. As well as catching up we managed a few games. Three weeks ago we had a Wednesday of games. The first game up was a couple of Scenes from Dead Man's Hand. 
The first scene was 'Ambush'. My Outlaws ambushed some Lawmen. This led to a larger gunfight as other members of both sides rushed to support their comrades.
It took a lot of cat and mouse movement and quite a few missed shots, before the Lawmen managed to win the scenario.
The second scene saw the aftermath of an Outlaw bank job. The Sherriff was in the Barber's, but rushed out to help bring the Outlaws to book, along with some deputies and concerned citizens. To start off with, the Outlaws had the best of it. That was until the gunfighter on the roof was put out of action allowing the Lawmen to catch the Outlaws in a crossfire.
The Outlaw boss resorted to taking a female hostage to use a human shield.
But good use of the cards allowed a concerned citizen to put him out of action with a straight shot with no modifiers (good or bad).

Neil enjoyed his first go at the game. The card driven mechanisms were familiar from our experiences with Piquet.

We later had a game of Star Trek: Attack Wing, which will feature in my next post.

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