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My View

Tuesday, 18 March 2014


During one of Neil's visits, we managed to fit in a short notice game of Pocket Battles. . We used the Celts v Romans edition.
This game is very similar to Dixie/ Last Crusade/ Eagles in that the battlefield is split into 9 areas (the face down cards represent the boundaries). Each army consists of, in this case, a selection of tiles representing each individual troop. These are formed into units. 
For each 10 points, a player gets an activation counter to activate units each turn. Each troop tile has a number of dice symbols (black for combat, white for shooting). When making an attack each tile in the unit that matches the number thrown on the attack dice scores a hit. Most troops can only take one hit. Those that take more than one, get a wound counter, which is the reverse of an activation counter.
The game played well, and Neil won by destroying 50% of my Celts.

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