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My View

Saturday, 22 March 2014


A couple of weeks behind now!  Before our Thursday game, to familiarise Neil with the Star Trek: Attack Wing rules, I set up a game. A Breen battlecruiser and two Galor class cruisers have come across USS Defiant and a Galaxy class cruiser engaged in crew change and resuply. The Defiant has been on a reconnaisance mission to find out what is happening in the are  since the Klingons took over DS9                                                                                                                                           
The inital encounter.
The consternation caused by the surprise appearance of the Dominion ships almost caused a collision.
In the inital pass, hits were scored by both sides, most of them absorbed by shields.
               Defiant's photon torpedoes score hits on one of the Galors.
        The Galaxy also chips in with  a hit. The Galor was destroyed.
The Breen Battlecruiser was the target of both Federation vessels and took heavy damaged.
Victory was not without price. The Galaxy was damaged and forced to flee. It was merely a parting shot, as the two remaining Dominion ships attempted to evade the Defiant.
I decided that the continuing chase would form the basis of the scenario for our Thursday evening game. 

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