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My View

Tuesday, 4 February 2014


The second scene was 'The Town Ain't Big Enough' and saw the Outlaws ambushing the spread out groups of Lawmen and Upstanding Citizens. The Lawmen set up first, splitting into equal groups, one of which had to be in a building. The Outlaw's boss was holed up in another building, waiting for his minions to take down the Lawmen. Hopefully he wouldn't be needed! 
 The first group of Outlaws, The Gunslinger and a varmint, encounter a deputy and two upstanding citizens in the main street. The Outlaws win by putting three Lawmen out of action, the Lawmen win by putting two Outlaws out of action.
 The Outlaws get off to a great start when the varmint rushes forward and fills an upstanding citizen full of lead (rolled a 19, out of action).
 The, now unescorted, Gunslinger is taken down by a deputy, who rushes out of a building and gives him both barrels of a shotgun, putting him out of action.
Further down the street, a dude and a varmint (right) engage two Lawmen. The markers show actions taken by activated figures and the effects of fire taken.
Another view of the action. The Sheriff has emerged from the building and leads the fightback against the
The  replacement Marshal and a deputy (top left) combine to put a dude out of action which brought victory to the Lawmen and a measure of justice (or revenge) for their fallen comrade.

The last scene will be 'We'll Be Waitin' where the Outlaws try to overwhelm the forces of law and take over the town. The Lawmen will have the benfit of an extra card in their hand.

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