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My View

Sunday, 2 February 2014


This Wednesday we had a go at the latest edition of Carcassonne: Winter Edition. This differs from the original game in that it has 12 extra tiles, and all the tiles are, of course, covered in snow. The River expansion, which became part of the basic game in later editions is dispensed with. Instead there is the Gingerbread Man expansion. 
The Gingerbread Man begins the game in the castle section of the starting tile. When one of the six tiles with a Gingerbread Man icon is laid (all castle tiles) he is moved to that tile. When he leaves an incomplete castle, each player with a meeple in the castle scores 1pt per tile. When a Gingerbread tile completes a castle there is an extra scoring step before the castle is scored.
   Photos from the two games we managed.
The art on the tiles is great. Keep your eyes open for some nice little scenes. If I had a better camera, I would have shown you some.

I managed to win the first game, with a bit of farming nous.

The second game was dominated by lots of castles.

Del won the second game, scoring most of the nice big castles, with assistance from the Gingerbread Man!
All in all this is a bit of a refresh for this great old game.

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