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My View

Monday, 3 February 2014


Saturday 1st February saw one of our irregular games days. The idea is that we play games that normally would take too long to play in a normal evening. Each participant hosts a game and we move between venues. This time Aidan was otherwise engaged so Rick offered to host two games.
I had decided to try out Dead Man's Hand. I had seen it played at shows and had acquired some figures and buildings.
I intended to play a linked series of three  scenes (scenarios) from the book. These would be from The Good, The Lead And The Ugly storyline. The scenes start small and escalate to a final confrontation.

The first scene was 'The Stranger' and saw three Outlaws testing the mettle of a visiting Marshal. The game is driven by the card decks. These show the order that figures activate and also have effects which the player can use on their own or opponents figures. In game terms the three Outlaws were 'drunk and complacent' which meant they could only take two actions per activation rather than the normal three.
The Outlaws activated first and impetuously moved forward and shot at the Marshal, who returned fire. When activated, a figure can take (mostly) three actions. They have to state what actions they are taking, so the opponent has a chance to play a card in response. Despite putting some under fire markers on his assailants, he was driven back. 

Firing is done using a D20, modified by various factors. 11+ gives a varying amount of under fire markers and nerve tests. Failure of a nerve test means another under fire marker. 19 and 20 put the figure out of action. Most figures can take four markers with more experienced characters taking five or six. Here the Outlaws managed to put the marshal out of action, meaning he would not be able to take part in the next scene. The Outlaws would get an extra card in their playing hand.

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