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Monday, 10 February 2014


I chose something nice and easy for our Thursday game this week: Invasion From Outer Space The Martian Game. This game uses the same basic rules as Last Night on Earth. The main differences being that the Martians can shoot and there is no fending off in combat, meaning that the martian is killed or the player takes a wound. 
The initial set up. Rick took the Circus performers and I took the Martians. The heroes were: Archibald the Human Cannonball; R.J. Flanaghan the Ringmaster; Hannah the Firebreather and Cassidy the Trickshooter. The scenario called for the Heroes to kill 20 Martians.
The Martians only had to kill two Heroes. In the early turns Hannah and Cassidy took a steady toll of the Martians. The Martians optimum tactcal ploy was the pack of exactly three. They got benefits when in combat and shooting. Sadly the Martians never managed to get that organised.
But they did manage to get a Zard Beast into play.The Zard beast has special powers that make it quite formidable.
The Zard Beast caused consternation in the Heroes. They reorganised in the big top.
Archibald took on the beast. Despite automatically losing a power token just for fighting, he managed to score three hits, which the beast failed to save (needing 4+) and it perished.
The Heroes started to get close to their target, regularly killing Martians in groups of two or three.
The Zard beast made another appearance, too late?
I had managed to build a couple of death rays with Martian tech. and tried to bring them to bear on the Heroes: I only needed to kill two!
Sadly, I only managed to a wound on each Hero.
In the end, the Heroes managed to get to twenty Martians quite comfortably. There was a time when they were stuck on eight and I was managing to play cards that made it difficult for the Heroes. Sadly, the accuracy of the Martian's shooting (my die rolling?) left a lot to be desired.
Very easy to pick up the game due to the similar rules to LNOE. I think there will be scope to use both games together. Future project, methinks!

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