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Saturday, 25 January 2014


Getting a bit behind with my posts. Two Thursdays ago, Rick hosted a game of X-Wing.
The game follows on from our previous try at X-Wing , the scenario being an empire attack on the now located rebel base.

One detatchment of the Empire force, two TIE Bombers, escorted by Three TIE Fighters was intercepted by two X-Wing and one Y-Wing fighter.

Soon a confused general combat ensued. The Y-Wing took hits from Empire vessels, but the shields did their job.

Soon the X-Wings got in among the TIE Fighters. One was destroyed outright with two others heavilly damaged.
They did not get it all their own way, with a rare hit being scored on an X-Wing.

Having dealt with the escort, the X-Wings set about the TIE Bombers.

As well as destroying one of the remaining escorts.

The Y-Wing even got into the act.
The TIE Bombers managed to extract a measure of revenge.

Not least by damaging the Y-Fighter by leaving a mine behind.
The TIE bombers made their escape despite loosing all their escorts and the attentions of the Rebel fighters.

This was an enjoyable game. It took a couple of hours, allowing for photos, and shows that we are getting used to the game engine, which is the same for X-Wing and Star Trek: Attack Wing.

The TIE vessels have no shields but have greater agility than the Rebels. They also have the roll ability (a '1' ruler move left or right as an action after movement). The Rebel fighters as well as having shields had droid enhancements that allowed them to remove damage.

Perhaps my best tactic would be to concentrate all the Empire fighters on one Rebel fighter at a time. Worth a try next time.

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