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My View

Saturday, 25 January 2014


This past Thursday, I put on a game of Star Trek: Attack Wing. Although not running a campaign, the scenario for each game is influenced by the outcome of the previous scenario.
With the Klingons having taken DS9 in the last game, they are agressively patroling the surrounding space. At the same time, A Romulan Science vessel came across a concentration of Dominion ships in the region of Cardassia Prime. A pursuit force has been dispatched and they catch up with the ship just as it enters Klingon space.
After some early manoeuvering, the Dominion and Klingon ships began to engage each other.
This allowed the Romulans to slip through unmolested.
The Klingon commander was so confused that he took a wrong turn and headed away from combat.
This left the two Vor'Cha class to take on the two Breen and one Jem' Hadar ship.
Breen battlecruiser and Jem'Hadar patrol ship almost come together.

The other Breen battlecruiser manages to overhaul the Romulan ship and destroy it

The Dominion forces, having achieved their objective, bug out of Klingon space, but not before the triumphant Breen battlecruiser is destroyed.

This was the first outing for the Breen and the Jem'Hadar ships. They were a bit brittle compared to the Klingon ships, but I am sure that if  Rick's attack rolls had been better, the Klingons would have suffered more damage as their shields are disabled whilst cloaked, though they roll four extra defence dice. I did make a big mistake with my Nekh'Var class ship, choosing the wrong arrow on the dial, sending my commander in the wrong direction. He did redeem himself later, by using one of his upgrades to take an extra manouver and heavily damage a Dominion ship.

The next scenario is taking shape as I write this. Klingon raid as they consider the Dominion ships weak or the bringing forward of the Dominion attack as it has been compromised? Watch this space.  

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