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My View

Friday, 10 January 2014


Illness and injury meant that my first Wednesday game of the year was called off.
My first game of 2014, therefore was another game of Last Night On Earth.
The scenario was 'Search For Survivors'. The Heroes (Rick & Aidan) started in the centre of the town, in the truck. Six numbered markers were randomly distributed in buildings. The heroes had to investigate all six and get at least two heroes, with the truck keys, back to the centre within 16 turns.
 The starting positions. The objectives were concentrated at the top and bottom of the table. Easy for the heroes? Certainly convenient for my zombies: close to the spawning pits.
 Fairly early in the game, Rick's heroes manage to search the buildings.  Here they find a zombie hero! A character gives up their search action to identify what a number counter is. They roll a D6: higher than the number means nothing found; less than the number means they find a random townsfolk counter that they have to escort back to the truck. If they equal the number, they roll again 1-3 means a zombie hero is found and 4-6 means a new hero joins the team.
The red ring around the character represents the truck keys.

 The heroes managed to investigate the counters fairly quickly and with little effective intervention from my zombies (especially after the heroes started finding firearms!). Here only one counter remains.Yes, you can make out 5 heroes. As luck would have it, a surviving hero was found.
It was over pretty soon after. One of Aidan's characters escorted the only townsfolk survivor found back to the truck. She was supported by one of Rick's characters, on a horse!

Another enjoyable game, with lots of opportunities to rationalise die rolls and card draws/effects in a narrative manner.

We are playing a loose campaign. Characters that die are not added to the mix for the next game. Good job that the heroes didn't lose any characters this game.

The next scenario has already been chosen. It will be 'Escape In The Truck'.

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