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My View

Sunday, 1 September 2013


As you will be aware from previous posts, our Wednesday group has embarked on a campaign using Songs of Blades & Heroes by Ganesha Games.

Apart from the three way game detailed previously, we have each played against each other once: I lost to both Del and David, who won both his games.

We have been using the  basic campaign system in the SOB&H rulebook. The limitations of this have become apparent already. With that in mind, we have started to use the Songs Of Deeds & Glory campaign system and Songs of Wind and Water wilderness rules.

Wednesday was used to reboot the campaign. This allowed the lessons of the games we have played to be taken into account in forming new warbands. The main change is that the winner of a scenario gets a campaign point. The winner of the campaign will be the first one to a set number of campaign points, which can also be spent to allow warband improvements, which could result in some interesting dilemmas. This means that victory points only determine the victor of the scenario. Each survivor of a scenario gets an experience point. These can be retained and spent on individual improvements from the expanded development rules.

Here are a few photos from my previous defeat by Del's Dirz.

There was a headlong rush towards each other. We met in a massive melee in the middle. Del's sorcerer was better at using 'transfix' spells than mine. I only managed to get three survivors, including my sorcerer off the table!

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