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My View

Friday, 20 September 2013


This gaming week began on Wednesday. I was facing my second battle of the SOBH campaign, against Derek. I had lost pretty comprehensively to David's Dark Elves two weeks ago, but my casualties, fortunately, recovered in the post battle wash up.

Once again I faced Del's Dirz. I was the attacker. Choosing a normal scenario, rather than a raid, I rolled an accidental meeting, which meant that the opponents deployed each other's warband with a gap of at least a long range between figures.

                                            The initial deployment.

The opening turns were all about each side trying to join up, although there were some individual combats. Movement and combat was effected by the heavy rain that was falling. Missile fire suffered a penalty and any activation rolls of 1 meant that the figure was treated as having fallen (green markers differentiate these from a combat result of 'fallen').

The Warbands close.

My orcs make their escape, with my ogre acting as rearguard.
Gruesome kill!
Once Del had got his warband together, his better quality Dirz were easier to activate than my clumsy Orcs. Even with the penalties for shooting in the rain, the Dirz missile troops took a toll of my footslogers. A combination of a failed activation roll and good shooting robbed me of my wizard. My force was whittled down so much that a tactical withdrawal was necessary. This was too late for one grunt, who suffered a gruesome kill after being set upon by The Dirz.
Another loss! Two casualties failed to recover, including my wizard. I have replaced the fallen with grunts to hold the line. My next battle is the first of the second round, against David's Dark Elves.
On Thursday, Rick, Aidan and I played Timber Peak, a Last Night on Earth stand alone expansion.
I took the role of the Zombie player. We played the first scenario, which was a basic survival scenario. I have played Last Night on Earth before, so had an idea of how the game played. The boys took a bit of time to get used to the rules and the tactical side of the game. Once they got the hang of it, they staged a late comeback, but suffered a defeat because night fell before they had met their victory conditions. I suspect that this may become a game that we will play again.

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