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Friday, 13 September 2013


Been on leave this week. Had a couple of days in Edinburgh. More of which in a separate post. Not being at work meant I was able to help Rick repair his driveway wall yesterday afternoon. We also swapped our spare Dixie cards. We are both a bit nearer having full sets for some expansions, but the important thing is we both have a bigger selection of cards to select our decks from.

After a fine Ashvale haddock supper, we settled down, a bit earlier than usual, to our Thursday game. This week it was Angels 20, the Axis and Allies dogfighting game. I had bought this, but had realised too late that my flat was too small to get the best of it. I did a swap deal with Rick. He was able to set up a 6 x 4 ft table, with Hexon.

The scenario involved a kette of Bf109s and a Me110 with escorting veteran Me109 on a mission over the South of England involving a mysterious British installation. The defenders were a vic of Hurricanes and a roving Spitfire ace.

                                         'Tally ho!', the Hurricanes on intercept course.
                                                      The Luftwaffe makes landfall.

                       The Me110 makes it's way to the target through a confused dogfight. It was even more confusing as we were using duplicate models.

                                                      One of the Hurricanes is crippled.

Pictures from the dogfight and the attack on the installation.

The Me110 managed to bomb the installation, but only caused light damage. The final tally of fallen angels was two Hurricanes shot down. The other Hurricane and the Spitfire were crippled. One Bf109 was shot down and the other crippled. Due to the damage only being light, we declared it a German minor victory. Rick's man of the match was his Veteran Me109, closely followed by the Me 110, which led a charmed life. It took hits aplenty, but never enough to beat the armour score: until after it had bombed of course!

My first impression of the game is good overall. It took a few turns to realise how the system operates. Once we were used to the rules, turns were only taking minutes.

I have a feeling we will be playing this game again.

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