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My View

Monday, 30 September 2013


Here we are at the end of September. It's October tomorrow and that means less than three weeks to Skelp! 2013, the wargames show at Forfar on the 19th . Targe at Kirriemuir is on the 9th November.

The bring and buys at these shows are an opportunity to move on unused figures, rules and games. I have an idea of what I am moving on, but, as always, knowing you have to get rid of something and actually doing it are very different things.

So far, I have identified some excess 20mm vehicles (you can have too many Tigers!) and I will be selling a few of my DBA armies. There are also one or two boardgames and sets of rules (Tac, anyone?) that are surplus to requirements or not being used enough to justify keeping them. I have already got my sheet number for Kirriemuir and I am off to assess whether I still need all my Wings of War stuff. Watch this space!

                                                                       SKELP 2012.

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