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My View

Saturday, 31 August 2013


Here are some impulse purchases from my day in town today.

Waterstones are consolidating their two branches in Aberdeen. The ex-Dillons store was closing  today. As well as packing up the full price stock, they were selling book, some shop soiled and damaged. I managed to pick up these two for 99p each. They are rrp £19.99 and £29.99 respectively. There were other temptations, but I resisted: one can have too many books!

I also picked up the first issues of these partworks. Not that I will continue with all, or any, of them. The model railway series is intriguing. It is 1:76 and will fit in with my 20mm 20th Century project, but the cost may be prohibitive (120 issues, normal price £7.99 per issue). At least I have a passenger carriage. All my other rolling stock are goods trucks.

Star Trek may be interesting if the ships are a constant scale and not just scaled to fit the packet. Dr Who was just impulse!

I have also found that Helicopter magazine is still on sale in WH Smith. The last two had the Allouette II and Puma models. These will be useful for my modern 20mm project. Picture of the Puma below.


Oh, and I did manage to take three boardgames and four PS2 games to the charity shop this morning.


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