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My View

Friday, 9 August 2013


Saw The Conjuring, finally, today. It was a bit down the list of films I wanted to see. The basic story is a husband and wife team of demonologists who investigate the supernatural force stalking a family.

I am always sceptical when I see the words 'true story' connected to a film. I have no doubt that the people involved in the events were based on were earnest and good people, but this is a silly film with a few genuinely scary moments.

It ticks all the boxes with the usual horror themes and events. It reminded me immediately of a number of films that I have watched in the past year. It was predictable and some scenes were unintentionally funny.

After all that I have said, it was well acted and the effects were well done. I did consider walking out at one point, but was glad I stayed. The ending, however, was incongrouous as, despite all that had gone before, everybody emerged into bright sunshine, with smiles on their faces as though the events of the previous night had never occurred. This is a common bugbear with many Hollywood films as there seems to be a reluctance to show the audience any type of ending apart from a happy one!

Not a ringing endorsement, but one for the DVD when it comes out.  

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