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My View

Saturday, 10 August 2013


Due to a late change of shifts for our host, our Thursday game was a quickly arranged night of DBA. We have not played this for a few years, thanks to the poplarity and simplicity of using DBA armies with Commands and Colors Ancients. How would we find it?

The first game was my Pre-Feudal Scots versus Rick's early Crusader army.

Rick Set up in and around a BUA whilst I set up in front of a waterway.

The game from my perspective. This was a low attrition game, with only one unit destoyed, until Rick's general's unit of Knights came off second best in a fight with one of my warband and was destroyed. Game to me!

The second game wasbetween Aidan's Italians and my Scots. This was a long game where  The Italian heavy infantry and knights wore my army down and I lost by having a third of my army destroyed. The pictures below show the set up and give a flavour of the game.

These were enjoyable games.  At times,experience in reading legal documents would have been useful, but to be fair we hadn't played for a while. Experience with C&CA shows that constant use means that even the lesser used rules become familiar.
Most likely, these will get an occasional outing as we can use the same figures for DBA and C&CA. Both Rick and myself  have invested in both games and I can see a DBA campaign being attempted at one of our gaming weekends! 

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