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My View

Monday, 5 August 2013


I have not been able to go to Claymore, one of  Scotland's two big shows, for about 5 years. This year, I was in Edinburgh to comiserate with a friend as he had recently turned 50.

I had spent the Friday in Edinburgh doing the usual Museum visits, taking in Phill Jupitus at The Fringe and having a good meal. This was the Saturday morning view of Edinburgh from my my window.

The show has changed venue since the last time I was there. It is now held in the Granton Campus of Edinburgh College, in the North of the City.

Here is a general view of the first hall shortly after opening,

                                             Zorndorf 1758: Gourock Wargames Association.

                                                  Albion's Trumpet. 1939 VBCW. Solway.
                                  French Invasion of Dahomey: Durham Wargames Group.

                     One for Del! Them! by the Bathgate Wargames Club. Saw this at Falkirk in May, but lack of battery power stopped me taking to many photos.

Dunfermline Wargames Club with a Sci Fi game based on Memoir 44/Commands & Colors. This was a public playtest.

The Inverness Club put on a late 1944 game. The cotton wool represents the early morning fog.
                                          Dux Brittaniarum game.

                                          Gourock Club's Piquet game.


           Glasgow & District Club's Bolt Action Game: Raid on Tito (Bolt Porn for Aidan!).

                                                              Dystopian Wars game.

                                  Angus Wargames Club's Dead Man's Hand game.

                                          One of these has inspired a future project.
I spent a lot of money but didn't buy much. I picked up some basing material from Magnetic Displays, terrain from S&A scenics, plus a few other things (including. I picked up some 1/300 B17s and German fighters from the bring and buy and that was about it.

The venue was bright and spacious with great catering. The signage between the halls could have been better. The bring and buy was well set up, but got a bit static throughout the day, as there was not a lot of stuff to be sold.

Hope to go back next year.

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