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Sunday, 1 November 2015


 On Wednesday, David & Del played the 'For the glory of the Empire' mission twice. David was using Romulans against Del's Klingons. Del had to destroy the outpost (mission was delayed 70 years, as the cryo plant malfunctioned). David had to save the outpost by either persuading the Klingons to stand down, or by destroying them. To stand the Klingons down, David had to be able to attack, but give up his attack dice to take an objective token.

The Klingon ship evades the Romulan defenders to destroy the outpost.

In the first game, the Romulans managed to get an objective token, but were unable to stop the Klingons. This was mostly due to Del managing to save 6 hits with his defence dice. This won him a Counter Attack die for his efforts.
The Romulan Ship scores 6 hits, but Del's defence dice rolling cancels them all!
The Klingon ship damages the outpost at the start of the second game.

Already damaged and with auxiliary power tokens the Klingon ship is an easy target for destruction.
In the second game, The Romulans destroyed the Klingon ship after it had damaged the outpost. David earned an Elite Attack dice for the feat of scoring 5 hits in one attack, which destroyed his foe.

Two good, and different games. We are getting too attached to this game. Will we be able to move on?

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