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Sunday, 8 November 2015


This Thursday's game saw me taking on Del's Klingons with my Cardassians. The scenario we chose was 'Destroy the Space Station'. We managed to play this twice in the evening, with different results in each case.
The Klingons attack. The Nor class station is defended by a Galor class and  a Keldon class  ships.

One Klingon ship is destroyed, but the Negh'Var manages to add to previous hits to the station 

The first game was over in three turns. Del had concentrated on the space station, to kill it well before the ten turns allowed. I had assumed that he would go for my ships first, and had lots of defensive upgrades, as the Cardassian ships are brittle. For the second game, I reorganised my upgrades and gave the station Tetryon Emissions, which gave three defence die for each attack. As the station has no intrinsic defence dice, this would prove useful.

Starting positions. 

The defending ships close in for a fire fight. The middle Klingon ship took fire from the station and the Galor class ship. It was destroyed. 

The remaining Klingon ships kept up fire on the station. The three defence dice added by Tetryon Emissions managed to save most hits. The Klingons lost their Negh'Var ship and the remaining ship retired heavily damaged.

The second game lasted longer. The Klingons used the same plan. This time the station was able to absorb hits that would have got past the shields before. That, coupled with Del's frankly dire defence dice rolls meant a victory to the Cardassians.

A prime example of making good use of your upgrades!

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  1. Two very good games with very different results. Certainly proved that playing the same scenario twice can be fun both times...