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My View

Friday, 6 November 2015


This is a card based game, with plastic miniatures as counters, depicting special forces actions in the modern era. The first campaign is set in the Jungles of South America. The missions are agains the drug cartels.

We managed to play the first two missions in the campaign. The first scenario was a 'border patrol'
My soldier for the first scenario.  Note the figures at the top of the picture. They are in the starting location.
We each had one soldier. each had two actions per turn and a starting hand of 5 action cards. The actions can be used to shoot, move, play action cards, including locations, and re draw your hand. 

Midgame. The troops have entered an incline, which has attracted the attention of the enemy.
The Drug Runner targets my man. But is not in range while I can hit him.
With a little sniper support, the enemy is taken out and we move to our objective.

The size of the force and type of location determine the value of cards drawn for the enemy response. Depending on restrictions, you have to decide whether to stand and fight, knowing any you leave behind will follow you, or move on to complete the mission. Some enemy units can stop you moving, others will screen better units from your attacks.  

Starting cards for the second game. Rick has managed to upgrade and added a squad member.
My equipment. I spent some points on a skill: focus. This would become important later.
Laying a trail location was the least worst option. But the enemy could not be avoided. 
The enemy is depleted, but wounds are received.
After taking out the enemy on the trail, we faced an opposed river crossing.
A firefight holds up our advance. We will have to take out our target, a Cartel Boss using ranged attacks.
The boss can be screened by the other units in the location. That means that they will need to be taken out before him. We only have 2 turns left!
Mission accomplished. The Cartel boss was taken out. My focus skill meant he could not be screened.
 I have played co-operative games before. This one is quite different. The fact that you are have a limited amount turns to complete your mission and only two actions per turn means that you have to make choices and compromises to get the job done. Co-operation is very important. This was brought home to us in the second game. With two turns to go, we had no chance of completing the mission, on the face of it, but with a little thought and clever combinations of action cards, skills and experience points, we managed to get the job done. It has a narrative feel and plays a lot like some miniatures games that I have played.

We will be continuing the campaign in future.


  1. Nice overview of game , thanks Jeff.

    1. Thought it was the best way to do it. It gives a better idea of what the game is about.