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Saturday, 31 October 2015


Last Thursday, Rick and myself played a scenario from The Great War. This is the WW 1 version of  Commands & Colors/Memoir 44. This was the second time that we had played the scenario. I had played as the British and had almost won the scenario. Rick played the British this time. He was fortunate with the pre game bombardment and his initial hand, which allowed him to advance on a broad front.
The scene just after the No Man's Land Bombardment, just prior to the first move.
View from the German trenches.
 The British advanced en masse. the German bomber unit took out two British units in close combat, but was unable to stem the tide.
British advance in progress. The temporary victory medal shows the extent of the British gains. 
As the British advanced, the Germans concentrated their forces. to protect the high ground. Rick managed his hand well and managed to play three out of the four 'butts and bayonets' cards following close combat attacks by the Germans. This cost casualties that I couldn't afford.
The German forces concentrate to hold back the tide. A solitary bomber unit is left in no man's land after taking out two British units.
The British get a third temporary medal by taking all three trenches. 
The Germans were overwhelmed, but still had a good chance of winning, with the score at 5 medals each. Rick managed to take ot two depleted units to win the game.
End state.
The combination of Action cards and Combat cards is great. It gives lots of potential combinations which keep you on your toes and adds to the fog of war. This is another good game from the C&C stable.

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