My View

My View

Monday, 26 October 2015


Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th October 2015 saw my annual trip to the AMRC exhibition. As usual, there were a selection of well built displays with a smattering of interest groups and layouts under construction.
Long view of Elgin's layout.
Elgin's Cragganmore layout.
Another couple of views from the Elgin layout.
The first table encountered was the display by the Elgin Club. It featured a line from a whisky distillery to a mainline station. More in a future post.

This house is a veteran of several displays over 11 years.

Next up, Pentland Model Railway Group's Caithreay layout.
Lengthwise shot of the layout.
This is a family based group who tour all the shows. Indeed they had overcome a domestic crisis to attend the show.
Some detail.
Spot the famous TV character.
                    Some views of the Hardley Main Colliery layout. More of this in a future post.
View of the colliery.

View of the village.

Dundee MRC display.

Fairground organs. These provided the background music on the Saturday. Not so much on the Sunday!
This layout was for sale. Didn't have the £450 to hand!
East Neuk MRC.

Aberdeen Wargames Club had three tables. These will be covered in a future post.
Waterloo using C&C Napoleonics with 20mm figures.

Mons Graupius using To The Strongest rules.

Battle of Berlin.

Battle of Berlin Bolt Action.
Aberdeen Modellers Club.

More from AMC


I ended up spending my usual amount on painting and other tools at the Squires stand. I also picked up some Vallejo paints and 4Ground terrain at ABZ Games. I attended both days because I had to pass some goodies to my mat, Iain, who had actually managed to get two days off to attend the show for the first time in two years.

It is always an entertaining day (or two) out. Next year is provisionally 29/30 October 2015.

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