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My View

Saturday, 12 November 2016


No Wednesday game this week. The previous two Wednesday night games have seen Derek and David being introduced to Star Wars Armada.

The first game was a simple battle between an Imperial Raider and a Rebel Nebulon B frigate, to get used to the rules. David took the Imperials and Del the Rebels. This game was played without upgrades, so we could concentrate on the basics. This ended up being a simple battle, with lots of combat and not too much manoeuvring. 

The Imperial Raider in combat with a Nebulon B frigate. Big fighter dogfight going on in the foreground.

The Imperial Raider having been destroyed, the Imperial fighters are out for revenge on the remaining rebel ships. 
The second game saw David taking a Victory class star destroyer with screening fighters against Del's Rebel force consisting of a Nebulon frigate and a Corellian corvette, with a force of fighter bombers. I added some upgrades to show how they can change the game. There was a bit more tactical use of fighters and more manoeuvring. There was plenty of ship to ship combat. The Nebulon Frigate was destroyed and the other ships were down to one hull box.

The rebel ships manage to co-ordinate an attack and cause heavy damage. The Nebulon frigate is destroyed in the exchange.

The fighter battle around the star destroyer.

The star destroyer limps away, crippled, after the battle.

The boys enjoyed the game. I found that adjudicating the rules, without having to concentrate on playing, allowed me to pick up little things that I had been missing or doing wrong. Highly enjoyable. Hopefully we can use the Corellian Campaign, when it comes out, to play games.

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