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My View

Wednesday, 23 November 2016


Our last Wednesday game saw our first try of AVP. I took the Colonial Marines, Derek the Aliens and David had a party of three Predators.

We set up the first scenario, where each faction had separate mission objectives.
The initial set up. Ping counters are used until within line of sight. They are then replaced with figures. 
Each turn begins with initiative. The player with initiative turns over the environment card for the turn. This card details something good or bad that affects all factions for the turn. The player with initiative then activates a figure. The figure has two actions. The next faction activates a figure and so on until all figures have acted. During the turn, a payer can play up to two strategy cards from his hand.
My Colonial Marine squad.

Models have skills, detailed on their stat card. each faction also has some unique active and passive skills to use throughout the game.
An Alien breaks through the door (using the 'force the doors open' skill) and all in line of sight become visible. 
My objective was to go to the Computer Room at the opposite end of the table. and override the controls to open a bulkhead, then board an elevator to go down a level.
A Predator appears. He causes carnage in the Marines with his Plasma Caster.

The two remaining Marines duck back into cover.

The Marine with the Smart Gun hits the Predator, causing a wound.
In the end all my marines perished to a combination of Alien and Predator attacks without getting far into the ship.
The Aliens surround and kill one of the Predators.

The remaining Predator finishes off the last two Aliens.
The Predators then made quick work of the Aliens.

For a first game, it was fast and bloody. Unfamiliarity with the skills and effects meant a few tactical mistakes were made by us all. Lessons we will take into the next game!

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