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My View

Tuesday, 9 August 2016


I did not have a list of things to buy at Claymore this year. I thought about Deus Vult: Burn and Loot and maybe having a look at Congo, if anyone had it. I did want to pick up specific figures from Studio Miniatures, for my 20th century pulp/post apocalyptic games and also some figures and vehicles from MBM Scenery/Northumbrian Painting Services that I had been looking at since Targe last year! I was also on the lookout for a suitable force for En Garde! to take on David's Border Reivers.

The first order of business was the tombola, near the entrance to the hall. It was in aid of SSAFA. For my £5 donation, I drew a number of lucky tickets!
Won on the tombola. An Osprey Book (which I already have a copy of), a pack of paints, brushes, dice and samples from Coratani/Magnetic Designs and an RAF bag and pen.
 My other purchases were:
Two carry cases from Erik at Figures in Comfort.

Warbases tokens for Lion Rampant, Winter of '79 and Dead Man's Hand rules; Figures from Commando Miniatures that will be used as mercenaries and minions for pulp games and two 20mm 'technicals' from the bring and buy.

Sold as Post-Apoc, these would not look out of place in any modern pulp game. The figures would fit with my Fistful of Kung- Fu force, as would the vehicles. Courtesy of MBM Scenery/ Northumbrian Painting Services. 

I hummed and hayed about this all day. I finally bought it from Caliver as they were tidying up, having to retrieve it from a box of stock. I will give my thoughts on the game in a later post, as we managed a game the same evening. I am looking to do this in 20mm (moved on all my 15mm). Looks do-able as the basic game contains enough cards to play with several Allied, Russian and German types without having to buy the expansions.

Also from Caliver, a card based WW2 skirmish game by Buck Surdu. 
Donald, Robin and The Daytona Duo, from Studio Miniatures to add to my modern pulp forces; some farm stock for my dark ages and medieval games from Warbases and some Dixon Ninja, who will be useful for so many games systems. 
This building was reduced. Described as an advanced Tudor building, it looks like it will be of use through the ages. Nice reduction in price too!
I plumped for the Red Guard mega pack from Warbases, instead of  Border Reivers. I also picked up a Trap Expert and Tunnel Fighter  and Gnoll Knight and Templar, to round out my Frostgrave collection, from Ainsty Castings. I also picked up a buggy and driver to go with my modern pulp collection from them.
All in all it was a good day. Only two purchases from the bring and buy. There were a few tempters but my new found Irn will won out! The B&B was good to me this year the items I sold funding my purchases. I got all I 'needed' and more.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing some of those on the table!