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My View

Monday, 8 August 2016


Saturday 6 August saw Claymore 2016, the show run by SESWC. This is only the second time I have attended since the change in venue, the last time being in 2013. I travelled down on Friday and spent the night in Edinburgh so that there was no early morning, rushed, trip from Aberdeen.  
Early Saturday view of Edinburgh.
After a relaxing breakfast, we toddled along to the show. I had taken some stuff to sell in the bring & buy, so took some time to book it in. I spent a lot of time going round the traders. There were a lot of traders that had things that I 'needed', but I was quite deliberate when selecting what I by, trying to avoid the 'ooh shiny' impulse buys that I am renowned for! The consequence of this, and meeting lots of friends and acquaintances, was that I had little time to spend at the display and participation tables. I did take a few photos.
Aberdeen Wargames Club game of the action around Oosterbeek during Operation Market Garden, using Bolt Action rules.
Russo-Japanese War naval game by Border Reivers Wargames Society.
Participation game run by the Wings of Glory Aerodrome.
WW2 game from the Wargames Society of Contemptible Bastards.
Another view of the WSOCB game.
Richard Clarke demonstrating Two Fat Lardies Sharp Practice 2.
York 1644 by The Iron Brigade.

South London Warlords' Horus Heresy display.
A canny Cannae by the Tyneside Wargames Club. Really gives a sense of mass battle.
During the day, I spent a lot of time moving back and forth between the two main halls. I spent a lot of time at the bring and buy. A couple of potential treasures had been identified, in the shape of a set of dungeon tiles and a large 15mm Carthaginian army. Both of these would have been bought on impulse by the old me, but, once again being deliberate and questioning why I 'needed' them and, more importantly, where I would store them, meant that they were left for someone else to buy. I was so good, that I only spent £10 on the B&B, netting two 20mm 'technicals' for my modern imagi-nation project. I was successful in selling the AK47 stuff that I had taken with me, but the DBA armies returned home with me. I will give details of my show treasure in a later post.
A muggy, windy Saturday night in Edinburgh. 
In the evening, we had a couple of try out games of 'Tanks'. More on that in a later post.
Followed by a brighter, but still windy Sunday morning.
All in all a relaxing couple of days away. I would highly recommend a visit to Claymore if you are in the Edinburgh area. It is a busy city during festival time, but well worth a visit. Thanks to all the guys at SESWC for a great show.


  1. Good report Jeff. I think I will have to go to Claymore next year...

    1. The boys would have loved it almost 50% of the games were participation. It would be an idea to make a weekend of it.

  2. Nice report - the Arnhem game was actually by Chris & Patricia Brown; the Aberdeen boys came down for the game.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I see that now, as I read the programme. Glad for credit to be given where it is due.

  4. Not an issue, just thought you'd like to know. The Aberdeen boys were absolutely brilliant fun and supplied all the buildings too. Pat is still cheerfully telling anyone who's interested (or who is n't interested for that matter) about the crushing victory scored by her German Falschirmajagers and Panzergrenadiers.